Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Inciense (incienso)

Tetradenia riparia
Cough, respiratory problems, stomach ache, fever, antiseptic

Against the fungus C. albicans in Rwanda uses leaves and stems (Romero,sf)
Antibacterial (Bernadette, 2009)

Dose: tincture of the leaves, external application of

            Bernadette, M. 2009. Histochemistry and atividade of Folha do incensed (Tetradenia riparia). Retrieved on December 21, 2011. http://periodicos.unitau.br/ojs-2.2/index.php/biociencias/article/viewFile/558/293

Romero, O. Screening of antifungal activity in medicinal plants through microbiological assays. Consultado el 21 de diciembre, 2011. http://www.ewcc.or.kr/paper/129.pdf#page=59

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