Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yellow trumpet (Cortez amarillo)

Tabebuia ochrea
Healing, stomach ulcers, urinary infections

Uses: As part of the family called Lapacho trees in South America from its bark is credited with antirheumatic properties, anti-arthritic and anti-cancer, ulcers sifilicas, leukemia, colds, fever, diabetes, stimulate the immune system, antibiotics, antifungal , antiviral. (Justiano, 2000)

It consists of Quinones (naphthoquinones) with antimicrobial properties lapachol

Dosage: Tincture: Take 2 ml with Water 3 times a day
Decoction: 20g dried bark to 750 ml of water, Reduced to 500 ml 2 cup a day

Justiano, J. 2000. Tajibos or Lapachos. Ecology and silviculture of species less concodias. Retrieved on December 21, 2011.http://www.cfb.org.bo/downloads/documentos/Ecologia_y_Silvicultura_de_Especies_Menos_Conocidas_Tajibos.pdf

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